Policing Pride

En línea con lo que venimos destacando, un excelente análisis de Scott Long sobre las marchas del Orgullo en el mundo y sus gestos de bienvenida hacia las fuerzas represivas de la policía y afines, lxs mismxs que todos los días reprimen, torturan, violan y asesinan a las personas que caen en sus redes – personas pobres, de color, trans*, inmigrantes…

a paper bird

Stonewall riot, New York City, June 27, 1969 Stonewall riot, New York City, June 27, 1969

Forty-five years ago yesterday, the Stonewall riots began, the reason Pride happens at this season. I have a Dark Gay Secret: I’ve never enjoyed most Prides. Mostly it’s because of how I deal with crowds. Prides are peculiar marches, not about specific goals but about visibility itself as a general good; the exultant pointlessness, which is the point, disconcerts me slightly, and I feel like a guy who comes to a lazy cocktail party thinking it’s a fancy-dress ball. I swing into a different state of mind, perversely, if there’s a chance the police or a mob might attack. Then I’m poised to document, record, act, a good human rights gnome, as I’ve done at tiny embattled Prides from Budapest in 1992 to Zimbabwe in 2000 — or at probably hundreds of other demonstrations from Romania to Egypt. That I know how to do. But otherwise I stand…

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