Literatura queer desde África


Qzine cover

La revista Q-zine, de Burkina Faso, lanza una colección de ficción lgbt salida del corazón de Africa para decolonizar la mente (y las nuestras, sobre todo).

Contrary to the claim that homosexuality is a European/Western import, it’s actually homophobia that is the Western import. It was brought to Africa by missionaries and colonial officials in the late 19th, early 20th centuries (at the time when the moral panic over the new medical/psychological category of “homosexuality” was at its peak in the West) and inserted, so to speak, into African cultures along with Christianity, Victorian prudery, bourgeois dress codes, table manners, etc.

The anthropological and historical evidence makes it pretty clear that pre-colonial African societies had their own, often quite tolerant or even accepting, ways of accommodating alternative sexual ways-of-being into traditional social structures and kinship systems. Homophobia, including the sodomy laws that are still on the books in most African countries, are what are “unAfrican” therefore, not homosexuality in itself.

Aquí una pequeña nota al respecto, donde se traza el recorrido de la revista y la importancia de este número en particular.